Role Of DVLA In Buying New Car

What Role Does DVLA Plays In Buying New Car?

Posted by on Jul 29, 2016 in Role Of DVLA In Buying New Car

All of us love the idea of having a four wheeler at our expense. As soon as we start earning, that is one of the things that we plan for. It is not only a very convenient thing for us to travel it but it also helps us to spend time with the family.

Buying A Car

The DVLA plays a very important role when you are purchasing the car. If the seller pays the tax on your behalf then you will be saved the trouble of having to pay t yourself. But you will have to get it registered with the DVLA management. Then there are many times when we are unable to purchase a new car, this is when we decide to invest in a second hand car. There are a lot many different procedures involved in buying a second hand car. The DVLA plays a very vital role in most of them.

Inform The DVLA About Your New Purchase

The most important thing that you need to do is, inform the DVLA that you are about to purchase a new car. Once you have purchased it you will be required to get it registered in order to get the registration plate. Without having paid the vehicle tax and getting the registration plate, you will not be able to take the car on the road. in case of cars that are already registered and there is a change in hands, you will be required to talk to the DVLA officials regarding the transfer as well since the registered owner’s name will get changed.

In Case Of Second Hand Purchase, Get It Checked From DVLA Records

It is very important to get a second hand car checked by a DVLA official before you purchase it. Crime rates have home up by a dozen and there are more frequent cases of automobile theft. So in such cases you need to make sure that you are no purchasing a stolen vehicle. So make sure that you get the vehicle checked before you purchase it.

Pay Your Vehicle Tax Through DVLA

The DVLA has their customer service line as well as an online site that will help you to pay the taxes that are required to be paid on a new vehicle. This is applicable to both new cars and second hand cars. When you are purchasing a car you will have to pay a vehicle tax in order to take the car on the road. When such tax is paid you will get the registration plate as well that will help you to take the car on the road. On transfer of a car the tax paid on it is not directly transferred. So if you purchase a second hand car you will have to pay the vehicle tax through the DVLA.

Thus the DVLA plays a very important role when it comes to you purchasing a new car. Their officials will help you out with the whole process and other various issues too.

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